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How to remove a tick from a cat easily and safely.

Here I show you how to get rid of a tick stuck in the skin of your cat.

These filthy critters are dangerous, as they carry a whole host of diseases.

They must therefore be eliminated as soon as they are seen.

The problem is that removing a tick is not that easy. Don't miss it!

That's why I'm revealing a simple and effective method to remove a tick from your cat without taking any risks .

To do this, you only need one tool to remove a tick easily:simple tweezers. Watch:

  • What you need
  • How to
  • Result
  • Recommendations
  • Why does it work?

What you need

- tweezers

- 70% alcohol

- cotton

- absorbent paper

How to

1. Disinfect the tweezers with 70° alcohol.

2. Gently hold your cat and distract him with a treat.

3. Part the hairs around the tick to clear the area.

4. Gently grasp the tick with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible.

Note: try not to overtighten the tick. If you squeeze it too hard, it may regurgitate.

5. Turn the tick on itself to make it let go.

6. Now pull and remove the tick:

7. Thoroughly disinfect the area with a cotton ball soaked in 70° alcohol.

8. Put the tick in a paper towel, tape it up and throw it in the trash.


And There you go ! You removed the tick easily and without danger for your cat :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

No more ticks squatting in your cat's ears!

The important thing when removing a tick naturally is not to make it regurgitate.

Why ? Because that's where she transmits her diseases.

This is why we avoid suffocating it with products such as ether or oil.

There are special tweezers to take the tick well at the base and remove it.

If you're not used to getting it, I recommend it.

Because it avoids pressing on the tick's belly and making it regurgitate.


If you live in a tick-prone area, never go out without spraying tick repellent on your clothes and pets.

It is an easy to make natural product. Discover the recipe here.

After each walk or long stay in the garden, examine your animals to see if a tick has bitten.

Why does it work?

The tweezers allow you to grasp the tick well without pressing on its belly.

It's very practical, especially when you're not used to removing any.

And this avoids pressing on its abdomen, which causes it to regurgitate into its victim.

Alcohol at 70° can also disinfect the wound once the tick has been removed.