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How To Ban Hunting On Your Property?

Today I explain how to ban hunters from coming to hunt at you.

And this, even if you are in a hunting zone!

Because yes, you do have the option of prohibiting hunting on your land if you are the owner.

Still have to do it. Which is pretty crazy when you think about it...

Since July 27, 2000, the law finally authorizes owners to prohibit hunting on their land.

According to article L.422-1 of the Environmental Code, "No one has the right to hunt on the property of others without the consent of the owner or his heirs".

But strangely, for this to be possible, a certain number of steps are necessary.

And it's not that easy.

So we explain how to prohibit hunting on private land . Watch:

  • 1. How to prohibit hunting on your property?
  • 2. In the case of a hunting society - law 1901
  • 3. In the case of an approved communal hunting association
  • 4. How do I apply for refuge?
  • 5. What to do in case of non-compliance?

1. How to prohibit hunting on your land?

In fact, it all depends on the type of association that manages hunting in your municipality.

There are two possibilities:the hunting society (which is an association governed by the 1901 law) or the approved communal hunting association (ACCA) which results from the Verdeille law.

How do you know who governs hunting in your municipality? Contact your town hall directly.

But the answer doesn't matter. Know that you don't have to justify yourself to the hunters.

And this, whatever the reason for your decision:to preserve wildlife and biodiversity, to ensure your safety, that of your children, to protect your pets from hunters, to protect your chickens, your pigs or any other farm animal...

However, one thing is certain. Depending on the type of association, you will have to adapt your procedures.

2. In the case of a hunting society - law 1901

Hunting is governed in your municipality by a hunting society - law 1901?

It is then necessary to create a refuge, that is to say a space where we protect biodiversity.

The refuge is then the only way to prohibit hunting on your property.

We explain how to do it below. But that's not all.

You may have heard that hunters cannot hunt within 150 meters of houses?

This rule does not necessarily apply in the departments where there are hunting societies.

The authorized shooting distance near dwellings is fixed by prefectural order.

In general, it is 150 meters, at least.

But nothing prevents it from being less than 150 meters or more than 150 meters.

It all depends on the prefectural decision.

And to know this distance, it is best to inquire at the town hall or the prefecture.

In addition, you should also know that a mayor can extend the hunting ban perimeter to 200 meters around homes.

The decision is then made by municipal decree.

3. In the case of an approved communal hunting association

Is hunting in your municipality managed by an approved municipal hunting association (ACCA)?

In this case, you should know one thing:

Hunters are not allowed to hunt within a limit of 150 meters around your house (Article L422-10 of the Environmental Code).

Including around caravans, sheds, garden sheds, agricultural buildings and their outbuildings.

If your land is less than 150 meters from the house, you can directly request shelter. (See below ).

But it doesn't stop there.

If your land is larger than these 150 meters around your house, then you have to make a special request to prohibit hunting.

You have to take a specific step to remove your property from an ACCA.


Because if you are without a hunting area, your garden is automatically integrated into the ACCA by default.

And the consequence is that hunters have the right to hunt in your home.

Thus, your request must include the following information to question the right to hunt :

- address personal

- land area

- land registry number

- land title

- copy of the cadastral map .

Your mail should be addressed to the president of the Federation of hunters in your department.

Please note, since Decree No. 2019-1432 of December 23, 2019, you no longer need to send your request to the prefecture.

The Hunting Federation has 4 months maximum to respond to you upon receipt of your request.

It decides and then issues you an individual authorisation.

Finally, this certifies that your land is no longer part of the ACCA's authorized hunting zones.

It is only after having taken this step that you can request the setting in refuge of the ground.

Note the following:

Your request MUST be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt .

It must also be done within 6 months preceding ACCA accreditation renewal.

And I insist on this point:the renewal of the approval takes place every 5 years.

To know the date of renewal of the ACCA of your department, contact the departmental direction of the territories of your department.

One last piece of advice: keep a copy of your mail in case of problems with the communal hunting association.

4. How do I apply for refuge?

Have you taken the necessary steps?

So, now you have to do the put in refuge.

For this, there are 2 things to do.

- First complete a request for a shelter agreement.

Contact the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (ASPAS), the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

By contacting these associations, they will not only provide you with the necessary form... But they can also assist you in your efforts.

Then simply complete the form and provide the supporting documents.

It will cost you €30 per agreement and per municipality. You also have to pay for membership in the association.

- Finally, install signs at the entrances to the land indicating that hunting is prohibited there. These are provided by the protective associations, for a sum of 2 or 3 € per panel.

- You can also create a nature oasis by contacting the Humanity and Biodiversity association.

5. What to do in case of non-compliance?

Despite all your steps and the signs on your land, hunters continue to hunt in your home?

Do not wait. Act quickly!

- Contact the agents of the French Office for Biodiversity. They will take your complaint. And they will be able to verbalize the hunters if they notice the infraction.

- Collect all the evidence that you can. For example photos and videos of hunters and dogs in your home or photos of cartridges left in your home.

- File a complaint at the gendarmerie or the police station of your municipality.

- Call the Legal Department ASPAS or LPO.

As you can see, prohibiting hunters from coming to hunt in your home is not easy.

It's long and complicated.

But it's the only way to protect yourself and create a refuge for nature and animals.

By doing so, you also preserve biodiversity.