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The Homemade Shampoo Your Dog Will LOVE.

Pets usually wash and keep themselves clean .

This is the case, for example, with cats, ferrets and rabbits.

Dogs, on the other hand, usually need a little help from their human friends with their grooming.

It is important that your dog is clean and regularly groomed.

It will allow you to check for small sores, ticks, fleas, parasites.

And in a house with children, it is better to keep animals clean.

Why ? Because it reduces your children's exposure to toxins.

Yes, they enter the house because of the paws and fur of animals.

Unfortunately, many conventional pet shampoos contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals.

These chemicals are just as dangerous to humans as they are to pets.

After a bath, these chemicals can spread to your children when they stroke the pet's fur.

Why not do without these products and concoct your homemade shampoo for animals?

Plus, it'll save you money and minimize chemical exposure for the whole family.

Here's how:


- 2 cups of non-toxic organic dish soap

- 2 cups of water

- 2 cups cider vinegar

- 150 ml of glycerin

How to

1. Mix all the ingredients in an old shampoo bottle. Or in any other such container...

2. Make sure container is clearly labeled and stored out of reach of children.

3. Shake well before using.


And There you go ! You have prepared a natural and homemade shampoo for your 4-legged friend :-)

Simple, practical and effective!

Thanks to this grandmother's recipe for shampoo, your dog is now all clean. No more wet dog smells!

And he smells good. A real pleasure to cuddle him!

Your turn...

Have you tried this easy homemade dog shampoo recipe? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!