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Meet Lucifer, the Nursing Cat Who Loves Comforting Other Sick Animals.

Lucifer might look like your cat, but he doesn't.

Lucifer is a cat with a special power. Which one?

He has the ability to comfort other animals and help them get back on their feet.

He was first brought to this animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Lucifer was on the verge of death, suffering from a critical respiratory infection.

The vets didn't have much hope...

However, Lucifer managed to overcome his illness in an almost miraculous way.

Once healed, one would think it was time for Lucifer to find a new home and family.

But it turns out that Lucifer has proven himself far more valuable to the safe haven than expected. This refuge has in fact become his new home.

Lucifer has simply become a "nursing cat" for other sick animals. He dedicates his time to "nannying" as he has a natural gift for comforting other sick and injured animals.

Lucifer spends his entire day pampering sick and healing animals. He comforts them with his soft purr and hugs them tightly to cuddle them when they need a friend.

Cats are known to be loyal pets, and Lucifer is living proof of that. He is a true friend to other animals and is always there to comfort them when they need it.

Studies have shown how important it is to feel a presence against you when you are sick. Feeling surrounded and in touch with someone often helps the sick and injured recover much more quickly.

Lucifer kisses, cuddles and hugs his friends until they recover! It's so beautiful to see :-)

This cat has been responsible for many miracles at the shelter. Indeed, it has helped many animals to recover and survive serious illnesses. And of course, he never expects anything in return!

Maybe we could all take a little example from Lucifer!