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13 Photos That Prove That Cats and Dogs Come From 2 Different Worlds.

Some people love cats...

...and others can't live without their dog.

These 2 pets are man's best friends.

But their behavior is often very different!

The dogs are cheerful and very active...

...while cats are independent and solitary.

Here are 13 photos that prove that cats and dogs come from 2 different worlds . Watch:

1. How they behave with water...

2. Or on a walk

3. Or when we try to work from home

4. How they choose a comfortable place to sleep

5. How they behave in the car...

6. Or when he eats

7. How they welcome their master home

8. How they react when petted

9. How they sleep with their master

10. How they behave when they've messed up

11. How they like to be cuddled

12. How they run after the light

13. How they treat their master