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Cute:Mobile dog wellness in honor of International Dog Day

Today in International Dog Day. Ford celebrates the close bond between owner and dog by pampering furry passengers on International Dog Day with a mobile dog spa. The mobile dog wellness is made possible by the Megabox of the new Ford Puma. The Megabox is a storage space of no less than eighty liters in the trunk of the Puma. The Megabox is water-resistant and has a drain plug, making it easy to clean – and therefore perfect for turning into a dog bath!

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Cleaning the dog after an afternoon of playing and swimming is one of the advantages of the Ford Megabox. In addition, the Megabox is extremely useful for storing groceries, flowers or even ice cream. The vertical space has been increased by 267 mm and that extra depth is ideal for transporting plants or upright golf bags, for example.